Santa Monica, CA

A home for a professional couple with three young children, this design balances a sophisticated, entertainment-oriented lifestyle with the needs of an active family. As the house is contained to a standard suburban lot, the plan is finessed to achieve these divergent interests in several ways. Organized around a central courtyard, rooms on the ground level are connected by wide openings and floor-to-ceiling glass windows and walls, allowing guests to move freely through the flowing space and enabling parents to easily keep an eye on the kids. Now containing a theater, office, play area, and two guest bedrooms, the basement offers opportunity to accommodate the youngsters expanding spatial requirements they get older. Throughout the house, luxurious furnishings and finishes artisan brick inside and out, marble and onyx, walnut and oak elegantly maintain the modern aesthetic.

Architecture, Interior Design

7,200 SF / Residential

Residential Architecture Award, Merit; AIA Los Angeles (2022)
The American Architecture Award, Honorable Mention; Chicago Athenaeum Museum (2022)
House Interior of the Year; Dezeen (2022)
Residential Interiors of the Year; Gray Magazine (2022)

Joe Fletcher