The Summit Club

Las Vegas, NV

Taking cues from its immediate surroundings, The Summit Club takes full advantage of the desert region's color palate, textures, materiality and long, unobstructed vistas. The floorplan, which is organized along cleanly-articulated pavilions positioned toward famed Blue Diamond Hill, enhance these qualities. The building's red clay exterior, intended to patina gracefully with time, imbues a sense of belonging to the native landscape and serves as a neutral canvas for sculptural trees and feathered landscaping to flourish in the foreground. The entry sequence from the street unfolds through a series of curated architectural moments. An entry courtyard with reflecting pool and firepit offers contemplative pause before entering through the formal entry door, which opens to dramatic views of the rugged topography. Public and private living spaces are married by continuous travertine flooring, timeless teak wall systems, and custom furnishings designed by the firm. Meticulously framed by long, layered sightlines, the sequenced spaces allow occupants to experience a seamless and tranquil transition between indoors and out within a sanctuary-like setting.

Architecture, Interior Design

14,200 SF / Residential