Rim Rock Estate

Las Vegas, NV

The architecture of this gracious home, designed as a sanctuary in the desert, blends in with its site and natural surroundings. The low-scale structure has a deliberately modest profile in relation to the nearby mountains, including a lower level tucked into the gentle slope. Its materials complement the region's tones, textures, climate, and the passage of the sun over unobstructed vistas of the Red Rock Canyon and, in the distance, the Last Vegas Strip. Views of the natural surroundings from inside the house are modulated by plaster-clad volumes. The long, layered sightlines allow occupants to experience a seamless and tranquil transition between indoors and out. The interiors are shaded and outdoor decks are cooled by expansive overhangs that create an intimate scale. Outdoor areas are oriented to emphasize views of the desert landscape while providing sun protection during the day. At night, they offer sheltered areas for stargazing under the open sky. The building's clay exterior incorporates soil from the site, which imbues a sense of belonging to the house within its native landscape and serves as a neutral canvas for accent trees, rock gardens, and local plantings.


9,000 SF / Residential