Long Valley

Santa Ynez, CA

Perched atop a 20-acre ridgeline in Santa Ynez, Long Valley is a contextual and personal home designed to embrace the rural landscape. The ridgeline inspired every aspect of the design, from the organically defined entry approach to the incorporation of the mature live oak trees throughout the sprawling structures. The ranch-style home contains only a few steps as the home forms to the natural height variations on site and extends the ridge while maintaining view corridors. Colonnades throughout the design frame indoor and outdoor living areas and guide individuals serenely through the layered rooms.

The program takes advantage of the extensive acreage by incorporating multiple ancillary structures such as a pool pavilion, guest house, and barn. Natural stone, bronze aluminum roofing, and consistent wood tones unify the various spaces and bring the stunning landscape into focus.


9,500 SF / Residential